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Why StarStix
Visibility Guaranteed

Your ad will appear on every full-service lane in your selected stores, providing constant exposure, repetition, and pinpoint targeting to your potential customers. With STARSTIX, your message will be visible all day, every day – giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Lock Out the Competition

With STARSTIX, you can be the exclusive advertiser in your industry, targeting specific geographic regions or key demographics to reach your customers.

By The Numbers

* 15-20 thousand shoppers see and touch STARSTIX in the checkout lane every week.
* STARSTIX campaigns offer over 100,000 weekly exposures.
* STARSTIX is the most experienced company in the industry. This means customers see and touch YOUR ad as they wait in line. With STARSTIX, your message will be seen and remembered by potential and current customers.


  • Select Locations – We help you select locations for your target audience. Choose from among thousands of store locations.
  • Design Your Campaign – We work with you to create your custom-designed campaign
  • Install & Maintain – We install and maintain your ads on all STARSTIX in the store.

What makes us different

  1. Constant Exposure and Effective Local Branding.
  2. Direct, Repetitive, and Powerful Campaigns.
  3. Credibility through Professionally Designed Campaigns.
  4. Creates a Narrative about Your Business through Visual Branding.

Let us help you increase your visibility, lock out your competition, and reach your potential and current customers.

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